Life Insurance

Life Insurance

When you start a career at age 24 and considering that the retirement age in South Africa shifted more towards age 65, you have a potential 492 monthly payments coming your way.


Until you have enough assets and investments giving you an adequate return in cash flow to provide for your monthly expenses, you must protect those monthly income payments and the assets that you buy with that income.


If your income is dependent on your breathing, whether you have a business or are employed by someone, you and your family are not yet financially independent.


This is the essence of life risk management, to protect the income that is linked to your breath and to protect the wealth and legacy that you create by earning that income. Whether sickness, physical injury or early death may cross your life path, we can make sure that you are financially prepared for it by utilising insurance products.


The value that MV Brokers as an independent financial advice business will ad, lies in the planning process and in optimizing the monthly premium you will pay to eliminate the risks. Your monthly premium is pooled with thousands of others, bringing the cost to you to a fraction of your earnings. The worst-case scenario that you will have to face is the monthly premium that you pay, and that is something that is known every month.


There is a real risk that between 1 and 3 out of every 100 of our clients will die each year. There are many figures on the actual claim statistics for serious illnesses, physical disability and early death, that quantifies the risk a person has to become one of those statistics. No person will ever know if he or she might become part of the 1%, but if you do become part thereof, the impact on you or your family is 100%.


The insurers will survive as the other 99% members in the pool are still paying their premiums. Whether your family will survive, is the question we will help to answer.

We can assist our clients with tailor-made products from most of the big insurers including Sanlam, Momentum, Liberty Life, Old Mutual, Discovery and Brightrock. Please click here for a full list of long-term insurance partners.


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